Graphic Confessions

“We’ve all done some fucked-up shit,” says Dixie De La Tour, like going home with the wrong person, getting in over our heads in a BDSM scenario, or sitting through that timeless feature that always lasts too long, Nightmare Date II: The Boundary-Free Zone. But just the same, we’ve all been blown away by our own indoor fireworks – using muscles we didn’t know we had, getting marks whose source we can’t identify, and waking up so stunned that we’re unable to do anything but whisper “God almighty” to the hottie (or hotties) next to us. Good or bad, these experiences can make for great stories, says De La Tour, hostess of Bawdy Storytelling. The Wednesday lineup, part of Litquake, has six storytellers including local author Stephen Elliott. Several years ago De La Tour began organizing small groups of like-minded friends (okay, pervs) to share tales of debauchery. These lusty confessionals became such an underground hit that she took them public, adding themes and lineups. Although some well-known names in San Francisco’s “alt-sex intelligentsia” have spilled their secrets on Dixie’s stage, De La Tour makes it her mission to get new people under the lights. It's obvious she loves to coach, and she says the best stories can come from people who'd never thought of performing in such a venue. “I try to find people who have no idea what they’re walking into,” she says. But it happens gradually. Often, hearing other people’s stories makes the first-timers realize they have something they want to tell – and a willing accomplice in Miss Dixie. She’ll hold another session Oct. 9 during Lit Crawl, the final event of Litquake.
Oct. 6, 8 p.m., 2010

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