Holy Titclamps, Batman!

Larry-bob Roberts could be described as the Stephen Colbert of queer culture. He tends toward outrageous parody ― one of his websites is called Holy Titclamps! ― and he often takes social and political positions that are the opposite of what he believes. Lowbrow or highbrow, it’s no surprise that the title of his new book, The International Homosexual Conspiracy, makes him sound like the Glenn Beck of homophobes. It’s a series of, well, “essays,” let’s call them, on issues that affect us all (see: “Socially Responsible Pants,” “I Wanna Be a Gay Wingnut,” and “Presumed Hetero Unless Proven Gay”). The relentless ribbing of multiple cultures (including his own) is designed to shake everyone ― insiders as well as outsiders ― out of their complacency. Apparently it’s not working everywhere yet. Roberts’ publisher, Manic D Press, reports that boxes of the book mysteriously stayed on loading docks for days on end in places such as Memphis, and some printers flat-out refused to handle the book. All the more reason to go out and have a good laugh at their expense ― as well as your own.
Oct. 7, 7 p.m., 2010

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