Shack Up with Trannies

We San Franciscans are, by and large, a pacifistic, left-leaning bunch of freaks and perverts. But that doesn't mean some among us can't wreck a great tradition by strapping on ammunition and bringing firearms to the party. Of course we're talking about Halloween in the Castro, what once was the best costume-catching event this side of New Orleans on All Hallows Eve and home to some of the most off-center (and off-color) mischief on the planet. In 2006, nine people were shot, and police confiscated a chainsaw — a chainsaw! — leading to shutting down the big gay Monster Mash. So in came the drag queens in the form of Trannyshack — the city's long-running, cross-dressing, pervy performance event — and they started a tradition of their own. This year's Trannyshack: Halloween – A Party is hosted by (who else?) Peaches Christ and Heklina. Julie Brown (remember Dr. Demento's mainstay, “The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun”? There's that handgun theme again) brings her bad self. Other starlets on parade include Raya Light, Syphilis Diller, Kim Burly, and Exhibit Q. A late-night drag show mesmerizes revelers. All are welcome — but seriously, leave the chainsaws and firearms at home.
Sun., Oct. 31, 9:30 p.m., 2010

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