List: What else does PG&E want you to pay for?

In the tragic wake of the gas line explosion in San Bruno, PG&E is supporting a new state regulation that would require its customers to pay for damages from any future explosions that aren't covered by its insurance. What other damages would PG&E like its customers to pay for?

• The hospital bills for anyone PG&E's CEO hits with his car

• The dental work of the homeless people PG&E executives pay to fight in their maintenance station

• Anything PG&E technicians break while in your garage pretending to read your meter

• A severely burned original copy of The Egyptian Book of the Dead — don't ask questions

• One time PG&E's senior engineer got in this bar fight and hit a guy with a chair. PG&E customers need to give the guy $300

• A fine of $10,000 PG&E's accountants picked up after adding a deck to his house without getting the proper permits

• Hookers!

• PG&E's 2009 taxes

• The lobbying fees accrued from screwing the public

• Ratepayers can save themselves big money and just firebomb their own homes in the future

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