Muni — The Musical

It’s the hard-earned right of San Franciscans to complain about Muni. The system is overcrowded, unreliable, chaotic, and expensive — think of a horror story, and other “survivors” can most likely top it. But imagine if your daily commute were like a flash mob: Instead of sporadic fights between riders, there were spontaneous, exquisitely choreographed dance pieces. This weekend you can realize that public transit musical, as dance takes over certain routes. San Francisco Trolley Dances was started in 2004 by Kim Epifano and Epiphany Productions. For two afternoons, dancers occupy Muni stations and perform a diverse and captivating selection that uses open space and city streets. This year, expect new works from San Francisco dance stalwarts such as the beloved Joe Goode Performance Group and choreographer Sara Shelton Mann. Also stepping off the platform will be Japanese dance and music ensemble Ensohza Minyoshu as well as the Sunset
Oct. 16-17, 11 a.m., 2010

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