Shop Till You Stop

You feel it every fall: The Christmas season creeps ever earlier. By next year, maybe plastic Santas, snowmen, and reindeer will steamroll the décor and detritus of other holidays. Halloween candy will be replaced by roasted chestnuts and candied apples. People will wear stocking caps on July 4. (Wait. Nevermind. That already happens.) Stopping the whole juggernaut seems hopeless because it’s fueled by the capitalist obsession to shop shop shop. What can you do? The answer is Reverend Billy. Equal parts comedian and culture-jammer, the reverend and his entourage stage in-your-face confrontations at the likes of Macy’s in New York City on “Black Friday” – the day after Thanksgiving and also the busiest shopping day of the year. They encourage people to stop shopping and start, well, thinking. Consider the reverend a cross between Michael Moore, Adbusters, and a dumptruck full of caffeine and theatrical chutzpah. His Earth-a-llujah Earth-a-llujah Revival is touring California. It includes the Reverend Billy himself (also known as Bill Talen) as well as the Life After Shopping Gospel Choir.
Mon., Oct. 25, 7 p.m., 2010

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