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An Explanation for Her Son
An ex-wife and mother responds to "Head Case": I felt compelled to write this letter on behalf of my son as well as myself. The article that Peter Jamison so eloquently wrote ["Head Case," Feature, 9/29] was a perfect depiction of my ex-husband [Chris Brymer]'s current condition. I can see that Jamison has been doing exorbitant amounts of research on both Chris and CTE [chronic traumatic encephalopathy], and he talked to the correct people. He has allowed others to have a better understanding of the trauma we have all witnessed throughout the past years. 

I have been struggling internally, wondering how I could explain to my son, his father's condition. Jamison just answered that prayer for me. I will use this article to help explain [to my son] that his father is absent due to a medical condition that has affected his brain. 

I wish to express my deepest gratitude for all of the effort and time Jamison put into getting Chris's story out. There was a deep sense of relief for me, just knowing that this information is finally being looked at, for the sake of other families who will surely suffer from this heartbreaking fate.

I am unable to be present in the courtroom and am left to wonder what transpires at each court date. Jamison being there has given all of [Chris's] friends and family, a window into his world. That alone means more than he could know.

Peter Jamison is a true journalist, and I was very impressed with his accuracy, level of professionalism, and objective point of view. I am truly grateful and look forward to future articles.     

Melissa Brymer

Apple Valley, Calif.

Head trauma can strike anyone, anytime: We're just beginning to understand how head trauma can be the causal factor in many disorders. The research that's being done on the brains of deceased NFL players is terrifying; blows to the head can happen to anyone. We've known of "punch-drunk" ex-boxers for some time.

It's time to stop viewing mental illness as a moral failing, and realize that all of us are potential victims. That's why anyone disparaging the mentally ill homeless should keep in mind, "There but for the grace of (choose a favorite deity) go I." It's time to take care of the most vulnerable; in the long run, it's cheaper, as well as more humane and righteous.

Elizabeth Frantes

San Francisco

Private School for All
Forget unions, go corporate with schools: Does the teachers' union pay Melissa Anderson's salary? ["Waiting for Superman," Melissa Anderson, Film, 9/29]. While I have yet to see the film, there is no doubt our education system is a disaster, falling further and further behind the rest of the world. The people mentioned in the film are heroes because they are trying to make a change, knowing they will be lambasted by liberal establishment people like Anderson.

The teachers' union needs to be abolished and school vouchers go toward charter schools and privatization. The truly good teachers will have a career where they can advance at a corporation and be held accountable, rather than getting tenure and not caring. We need to fix this now!


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