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A Woman Walks Into a Bar...
Don't mind the owner sleeping in the corner: After reading the article, "Where the Motorcycle Lover Slumbers" [Bouncer, Katy St. Clair, 10/6], I was appalled and disgusted with the manner in which she portrayed [Eddie] Rickenbacker's owner. He is a man with ongoing, serious health issues not related to alcohol, who does not deserve her wrath and lack of professionalism with which she chose to piece an article together.

I have been there, as well as several people I know. The service, the drinks, and the people, as well as the late [cat] Mr. Higgins, who by the way had four legs, were all enjoyable. I suggest she check her facts before writing an article that an ill owner will read. Her focus on his weight, lack of style, and social skills as well as personal speculation as to what his motives in life may be, were insulting.

When St. Clair gets old, I sure hope nobody writes an article like the one she just did. Think before writing.



Just Another Tech-Savvy Asshole
Facebook did not create the wheel of social networking: I think it should read that Mark Zuckerberg left Harvard for California (not New York) ["Who Needs Friends?," Film, J. Hoberman, 9/29]. And I think trying to be an asshole makes you an asshole whether you succeed or not. Or maybe it's just pitiful.

Facebook was the right thing at the right time with the right level of technology to support it. What it does, essentially, is nothing revolutionary. There were plenty of social networks before. Everyone I know leapfrogged from one to the next, and I anticipate there will be more in the future — which will eventually lead to many "Facewhat?"s. Smartphones and bandwidth helped the phenomenon of Facebook more than it being a remarkably revolutionary idea.


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The Root of All Unions
Quest for thick wallets minimizes a union's intended purpose: Union greed overshadows the root of SEIU, and is quick to concede and compromise workers' needs as long as they get their money ["Labor Pains," Feature, Matt Smith, 10/6]. State pensions are selfish and out of control; created in 1932 by the California state legislation, they lacked foresight of today's crisis.

V Miles

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Did they forget not all hospital workers have unions?: I am less interested in Sal Rosselli's principles and windmill-tilting than I am in whether my co-workers and I can get back to work and do our jobs. Enough of this nonsense. If Sal and the old gang are really so principled, they should devote their time, attention, and money to helping organize hospital workers who don't yet have a union.

Kaiser Staff Member

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Blog Comment of the Week
In response to a blog post about the M.I.A. show being lethargic, short, and reminiscent of a whale fart: review is, sadly, right on ["Is M.I.A. Actually Trying to Drive Away Her Fans?" All Shook Down, Ian S. Port, 10/13]. I love M.I.A. — Arular and Kala were brilliant records, but her show last night felt so cynical. There were a few good moments (I'm thinking of one 20-second period when she was actually rapping to the audience), but overall it sucked.

And until I hear reports that the sound has improved at the Fox, I'm not going back.

Deep Eddy

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