In Which We Eat Crowe

Thank you, David Crowe, for not playing dumb. At the brand-new comedy club inside the fancy old car palace that is also a movie theater, Crowe is the inaugural headliner. Yay! We are grateful for, and also deserving of, this nod to San Francisco's generally high IQ — not for us the meatheaded insult-machine-type comedian. Instead we get the guy whose extended metaphor, “Gasaholic,” starts with an American just burning wood, nothing serious: “I could grow it myself!” and a couple of hysterical minutes later ends with, “So they got me on this 10 per cent ethanol program now ... in 10 years I'm supposed to be clean and solar.” It's funny because it's true and intelligent. Thank you, brand-new comedy club, for not booking dumb.
Nov. 4-6, 8 p.m., 2010

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