Throw Your Own Shade

Our fair city supports a vast range of trees, from the ubiquitous Ligustrum and Podocarpus (which predate most of us here) to new(ish)comers such as Arbutus marina and Acacia stenophylla. As thinking individuals, how can we expand the botanical vocabulary of our own public and private flora? The answer is Cool Trees for San Francisco Gardens. Palm expert Jason Dewees and Friends of the Urban Forest program director Doug Wildman inspire master gardeners as well as those who can’t keep a small houseplant alive. Receive expert guidance and tips for working in deep shade and full sun, then everywhere in between. Don’t want to clean up after a deciduous tree? Want to incorporate a palm, but don’t know what works for your yard? Interested in a Japanese aesthetic? The discussion and slide show will address all your concerns and deepen your appreciation for what is possible within our 49 square miles.
Thu., Nov. 4, 5 p.m., 2010

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