Be Cool, Man

We've told you about the Mole to Die For mole-tasting contest for many years running. It's one of the very best events of the whole year. For some reason, though, weird problems always pop up as a result; call it the Night & Day Mole Tasting Curse. It's not enough, it seems, for people to learn that Crock-Pot after Crock-Pot of the famous, rich, complicated (20-plus ingredients), and highly variable sauce are set out at the beautiful gallery. They cannot simply be happy to meditate on the intricate differences, the many colors, and the array of Crock-Pots. No, some people have to call the gallery and accuse the staff of "false advertising." (Please note the gallery doesn't control what we say or pay us to say it ... dumbass.) Or maybe they need to complain to one of our syndicated columnists, Ask a Mexican, that we spelled mole wrong. (We didn't, and thus the complainer was nationally humiliated, yay!) So please, for the love of ancient delicacies invented by nuns, just show up, slurp tastes of yummy sauce from the Professional Chef and Community categories, and have fun. This year, an innovation: In addition to the usual snacks and bebidas on offer, find small plates of chicken and a special green mole, for an extra fee. This is owing most likely to another Curse event -- we once wrote "Don't eat dinner first!" and someone interpreted us to have meant "The gallery guarantees you dinner, which is good, since there are no other venues at which to find dinner near Mission Street." This complaint is like bitching to Pablo Picasso that you didn't like the free wine at his opening reception. Enjoy! Nothing can make us stop telling you about Mole to Die For!
Wed., Nov. 17, 7 p.m., 2010

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