Dragging the Truth Out of You

Citizens from "red" states say they're against San Francisco values, but we've seen them wriggling with adoration at Fauxgirls! — and Fauxgirls! is not a delicate show. It's wonderful and funny and the gowns are very pretty, but the performers aren't playing. The visitors in question, a whole family of them in their baseball hats, proudly and repeatedly asserting they were from Kentucky or Kansas or something, learned at the same time we did that "hooker" is a term of endearment. And they loved it. Victoria Secret, an accomplished drag personage, leads a cast of sparkling female impersonators (and Bobby, the token butch) in a show involving synching, singing, audience participation, generous tipping, and getting called "hooker."
Third Saturday of every month, 10 p.m., 2008

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