Riffing on Graff

Bubble letters, block letters, soft funk, and wildstyle. The tag. The piece. The production. They're types of graffiti lettering and presentation, things you probably didn't know even had a name. Bay Area designer Nate1 knows, though. He made his name in hip-hop and graffiti writing in 1987, when he founded the West Coast chapter of the Master Piece Creators, influential muralists known for their imaginative lettering styles. Today, Nate1 brings his deep roots and passion to The Art of Graffiti "Sketching Letters" 1.0. In the three-hour session, you get the basics of graffiti history before trying your hand at creating letters and actual spray-painting, learning techniques and tips for letter writing from a pro. But when you get home, be sure to try out your new graffiti skills on some innocuous surface such as canvas or paper, not a neighbor's garage door.
Sat., Nov. 13, 12:30 p.m., 2010

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