List: What is Nancy Pelosi's next move?

Now that her reign as Speaker of the House is ending, what is Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's next move?

• Run for San Francisco mayor, just like everyone else

• Resign from Congress to be a homemaker, so that Republicans will complain about her lousy San Francisco homemaking

• Move up to a plum position as the Speaker of Waffle House

• Ritual suicide, as the progressives demand

• Use her last days as Speaker to promote her hip-hop album

• Collect on every last chit Gavin Newsom owes her

• Become a lobbyist: That's where the money is

• A reality TV show filmed by her daughter

• Return to her birthplace in Kenya — a fact that was carefully hidden from the American public as part of a vast Islamic conspiracy the Tea Party hasn't figured out yet

• Since one defeat is not enough, run for Democratic Minority Leader

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