Real women now stand up to pee

In a women's bathroom near you, a growing army of ladies are pissing all over one of the world's last glass ceilings: peeing while standing. Pants on. No devices. No drips.

Women know the problem well — public restroom and Porta-Potti seat tops are nasty. Crouching on the side of trails and roads is awkward. Standing in the endless line for the women's bathroom is a time-waster.

So the postcards recently wedged in the newspaper stands at 18th and Castro streets presented a subversively sweet solution: Fittingly, the company that teaches this act of independence is in the Bay Area. It was started by, of all people, a man.


Click to watch an excerpt from "Stand to Pee."

Rich is a South Bay–based guy (he doesn't reveal his last name) who first saw a female friend pee while standing at a beach. He soon started offering workshops for $300 to $3,500 a pop, depending on how far he had to travel to give the class, and has taught thousands of women across the globe.

Stacy Kwan, a UC Berkeley economics major, enrolled four years ago to master the art for camping trips. "We learned this skill within a day, and I was so surprised," she recalls. "I didn't know women could do this." She has since signed on as the company's "chief evangelist." (She tells her parents in Southern California that she works for "a website.")

This summer, Kwan recorded an instructional DVD — downloadable for $16.95, or $19.95 by mail — with a cover that features a crossed-out squatting woman. In the video, she instructs two students on the au naturel technique, reciting lines like "Blast that pee out of there!" and "Let's knock this out!" in a detached and professional tone. She tells the women the secret: holding your skin aside so as to not break the pee stream, spreading and locking your knees, and abruptly starting and stopping the stream like a man to prevent drizzling. The students start pantless in the shower, and graduate to streaming with pants on, zipper down, into a toilet and, lastly, a urinal.

At the end, Kwan tells her pupils, "I truly think you're pioneers," and all three proclaim: "Real women stand, too!" Believe it or not, real women can also get distance — she says most can shoot up to three feet.

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Standing to pee is a right given to men, like childbirth is a right given to women.  Accept your gift and leave the other one to the ones it was given to, instead of degrading your gender (and theirs) by thinking you can take it away from them when it was exclusively given to them and them alone.  You are not above nature, just because you say you are.

Squat and accept it, you do to shit anyway.


If your cloths have the zipper in the right spot then you have no problem peeing standing up. Gagajeans make it easy. Check them out at 


Hey ladies, there is another peeing aid for women called Piblla. I have it and it is perfect. Pibella is the only female urination device that ensures a firm coverage over the urethral ofifice. Nothing went wrong, and I was even able to wipe off the last drop. You can buy it online: greetings Susanna


@b_ice99 - What RIGHT?? men should start to SIT when they pee and keep the toilet clean.
And some women can stand and pee even further than guys do. With a bit of practise we go a looong way.


Oh please...I'm 28 and I figured out how to do this when I was 7 during a camping trip. It helps a lot when you need to stop at a roadside, don't want to sit on a public toilet, are in the wilderness or just don't want to get so undressed. It's so easy, and much cleaner/efficient.

Standing to piss isn't a "right"...just about everyone can do it. I am never having children anyway, so I'll gladly use my NATURALLY FOUND, UNTAUGHT ability to relieve myself while standing. Your "logic" is weird. Do you really think that every time I piss while standing a random man is somehow unable to? I don't know how learning a basic function of living "takes it away" from someone else...that's illogical.

And in case you haven't noticed, men squat/sit to shit also. Hence why some men will tuck their penis down and piss while defecating. Honestly, if your sexual identity is so dependent on the way you need some help.


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