Somewhere between the Donnas and the Muffs, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and the Trashwomen, Sassy!!! throws down. (Seriously, that lineup is a rumble we'd love to see.) We fell for Sassy!!! when the two-woman band opened — along with the Go-Going-Gone Girls, who look like they were drawn by comix gods Los Bros Hernandez — for the Slits nearly a year ago. Drummer Kitty Largewood (Christa DiBiase) and guitar player Trixie Delicious (Lynda Mandolyn) jumped onstage to sing volunteer backup vocals when Slits leader Ari Up asked if anyone in the room could do so, thus earning themselves permanent goddess status. Sadly, Up passed away recently; we're pretty sure the women of Sassy!!! won't ever forget her. Instead, they're likely to keep her in mind as they pound out short, muscular songs full of pop harmonies, punk beats, and severely catchy lyrics like "When you kissed me I wanted more — then I fell face down on the floor."

Sassy!!! plays with Burnt House and Times Infinity.
Sat., Nov. 27, 9:30 p.m., 2010

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