It's Not Easy Saying 'Green'

We hear “green” so much in our hyper-eco-conscious city, we fear the word may soon lose all meaning outside color connotation. Good thing, then, for the folks bringing us the Pre-Screening and Kick-Off Party for the First San Francisco Green Film Festival, which begins a re-education of what it means to be green. While the full festival doesn’t happen until March, the screenings offer a peek at its curatorial leanings, including a multi-award-winning documentary with decidedly universal appeal. Dive! Living Off America’s Waste is a primer on just how wasteful we are; filmmakers comb through disheartening statistics (Americans waste some 263 million pounds of food a day — a lot, wethinks) as well as actual dumpsters and landfills to back up those numbers. The festival has also courted the buzzworthy 3-D animated short, The Krill Is Gone, which discusses a very serious topic — what scientists have termed “ocean acidification,” a major threat to the health of all the planet’s tenants — with tongue squarely in gill, er cheek. Laugh (it’s okay) while you learn about the dangers we face. Before the films, feel free to mix it up over drinks with festival staff and others interested in film and environmental soundness.
Tue., Nov. 30, 6 p.m., 2010

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