On a Boat

Discussion about diplomacy, dance about international relations, music about perseverance: Ship of Dreams: Kanrin Maru — 150 years of Hope, Struggle, and Friendship is a new show organized by Mary Sano. The director of Mary Sano and her Duncan Dancers is ever-innovative, like her company's namesake and style guide, Isadora Duncan. Here, Sano enlists actors to tell the story of the first official visit of Japan, the nation, to the U.S., the nation, in 1860. Her dancers make the story physical, while a host of musicians interpret the historical facts onstage along with them. Tony Chapman's jazz piano, Shoko Hikage's koto, Sung Choi's cello, and Hideo Sekino's Noh flute join a very distinguished and rare guest: activist, actor, and musician Dennis Banks, who contributes Native American drum and vocals. To celebrate a diplomatic anniversary, an internationally significant historical moment, and the long and intense relationship between two countries, these wildly varied artists bring their work to the stage — Ship of Dreams is the world premiere of an entirely original production, and it happens tonight only.
Sun., Dec. 5, 7 p.m., 2010

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