Don't Stop Believerin'

The reliable and distinct pleasures of winter: moody weather, an air-tight justification for anti-consumerist rants, and daily dissolving your sense of self with a bottomless cup of hot coffee. Companion to your regimen of scarf-wrapped reflection and armchair indignation is a good art party, particularly with the architects and subjects of the Believer magazine. Published in San Francisco with flagrant disregard for the ultra-brief, sound-bite truncations of most rags, the Believer deals in interviews and articles that fully explore their subjects and invite deep engagement with the material. Because the magazine also forgoes photographs for artists' illustrations, holding an issue feels like yanking someone’s artwork off the wall. Tonight’s Believer Magazine Art Issue Release Party features performances by several artists straight outta the Art Issue, including San Francisco painter Clare Rojas, who plays songs as her musician alter ego Peggy Honeywell. Rojas came up in a movement of sorts with Margaret Kilgallen, Barry McGee, and Chris Johanson, and she continues to work prolifically in visual art as well as music. Also on-deck to entertain tonight is photographer Michael Light, who presents a slide show of his recent aerial photos of Los Angeles. Let the cold keep you cynical while the Believer keeps you warm.
Thu., Dec. 9, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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