List: How S.F. Will Regulate Taco Trucks

Recently the Board of Supervisors passed the so-called Taco Truck Reforms, designed to make life easier for street food vendors. What provisions do they include?

• Sanctuary City policies now apply to food carts

• "Food poisoning" will be renamed "Fun local flavor of a diverse urban environment"

• Food carts will get their own street lanes

• Instead of being complicated, the permitting process will now just be pointless

• "Food" is now a relative term

• Food carts will be able to offer toys to small children to make their meals more happy

• It will be illegal to ask a tamale vendor, "What kind of meat is this?"

• From now on, that's Mister Crème Brûlée Cart Man to you

• Police can't hassle you if you're delicious

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