Gotta love national touring bands who hold "annual holiday shows" in the Bay Area. We know your moms live here dudes! The Mother Hips' new record, Pacific Dust, is the audio equivalent of a biography, which sounds almost like a concept album, but it's far from experimental, sonically speaking. Instead, it's full of the signature sounds that got and continue to get Tim Bluhm and Greg Loiacono their culty army of fans. It must be said: The Mother Hips' vocal harmonies sound a lot like the Beach Boys, but the instrumentation rocks harder and rootsier. Hence the culty army of fans. Or, the Whale and the Conspiracy of Venus open for the Mother Hips (and the Blank Tapes and Neal Casal open Dec. 17)
Dec. 17-18, 9 p.m., 2010

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