Jump! Jump! Jump Around!

Exercise is good for you. The Castro gym-bunny stereotype depends on the fact that it won’t do anything bad to your outsides, while many of the rest of us appreciate that exercise is nourishing to our insides. One more reason to love San Francisco is that we have a lot of creative exercise organizations around here: A trampoline gym just opened, you can’t spit without hitting a yoga studio, and five million dance styles await. And at Pratfalls and Rising Stars, you might fall in love with clowning and other circus arts, as many others have done before you. Aerial performance is especially popular; someone who took the center’s trapeze class promised us if we took it we’d be “made of wood” by the end. “Feel my muscles!” she crowed. She was made of wood, happy, and knew how to fly. The students at Pratfalls also do clowning, acrobatics, and contortions — the choice is yours: treadmill or trapeze. Or juggling. Or tightrope walking.
Dec. 17-19, 2010

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