If you were sitting around wondering why local soft-rocker Bart Davenport made you think of Lee Hazlewood, it's because the Oakland suavecito opened for Norway's Kings of Convenience a while back. And that band's Erlend Øye contributed a velvety “No Train to Stockholm” to Total Lee!, the greatest tribute album of all time. Dots connected! You're welcome! Davenport is only one of the performers at the Smile! Christmas Extravaganza — DJ Neil Martinson, the club's organizer, earns his largish signature hat by spinning records in addition to having put together an extremely groovy lineup. The sweet-voiced Hélène Renault; fashion and music genius Cris Armijo; Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates; Dina Maccabee, and more make this an evening of pure easygoing dopamine production: This is your brain on high-quality mellow locals. Or, as Davenport sasses in a song called "Euphoria," "Everyone on Earth is so beautiful -- even you."
Mon., Dec. 20, 9 p.m., 2010

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