We Knew She Couldn't Stay Away Forever

We had her and we lost her. Hilarious dirty shorty Ali Wong was a Bay Area gal for some time (which is to say, her whole life up until last year), and you could find her at any old comedy venue making people laugh and lose it with her freaky frank talk about love, sex, and other humiliating rites of human existence. She shipped east to the Big Apple last year, and there's been a hole in our already-cheesecloth heart ever since. But dry your tears, she'sback! And headlining! Tonight'sshow is one of two showcasing Wong's stand-up talents. And look up the girl'svideos. The "American Apparel" video she made with local jokester Chris Garcia is still funny after all these years. Ali Wong has been labeled ne to watch over and over again, so we're watching, and excited to see what comes next.
Dec. 26-27, 8 p.m., 2010

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