The Go-Getter

Since the series started earlier this year, Snob Theater has featured darlings of the local music scene alongside equally feted local comedians. There are also people like stand-up Vladimir Khlynin, who appears tonight. Khlynin tries: He has a blog — with six posts. He has a Twitter account, with three tweets. His website has a big {:^) on it and features three "stand up videos," two of which include stand-up. Halfway through one, he turns his back to the audience, pulls out his joke book, and starts looking up jokes. Like this one: "If I ever miss New York, I'm going to just open a bag of hot garbage." Khlynin basically does this until the end, when he says, "All right, good night, suck my … face," after a few seconds of page-flipping silence. But through it all — the blog, the Twitter, the back-to-the-crowd set that he decides is the perfect one to post on his site, and also the {:^) — he never gives any indication that there is anything wrong with any of it. He's sort of killing it, actually. We like talented people who can barely put themselves together. Tonight, Khlynin is the wild card in another of Snob's well-heeled lineups, with bands Foxtails Brigade and the Shants, and comics Jeff Reitman, Kristee Ono, and Kevin Camia.
Thu., Dec. 30, 10 p.m., 2010

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