Calm Between the Storms

Hearty congrats on weathering the most stressful two weeks of the year. Between gift shopping, packed-to-the-gills airports, and family reunions, is anybody surprised that alcohol consumption skyrockets around the holidays? And now it’s back to the 8-to-6 fray with only a handful of ad-crammed bowl games and bottom-of-the-bottle Scotch to cushion the shock. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and relax: Scientists are here to help. Dr. Clifford Saron, a pioneering researcher in the field of meditation at U.C. DavisCenter for Mind and Brain, offers a heady catalog of the discipline’s numerous mental and physical benefits at After Dark: Chill, a soothing spin on the monthly adult-oriented evening program at everybody’s favorite house of wonder. Inspired by the good doctor’s cool findings, saunter over to the 20-foot DiamondTree. Mark Lottor’s trance-inducing sculpture of lights and colors will assuredly put you in a happier state than staring at your parents’ Christmas tree in a dazed stupor. On the off chance that groovy vibes and deep thinkers don’t slow your motor, there’s also a bar; experiment responsibly.
Thu., Jan. 6, 6 p.m., 2011

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