The Sounds of 2010

What we'll remember from the year in S.F. music.

City Cracks Down on Clubs; Clubbers Respond
After the city's efforts to shut down clubs and intimidate promoters were exposed in news stories early this year, the offending officers were reassigned. But the relationship between the SFPD and members of the nightlife scene remained tense, especially as officials worked to combat what they described as a rash of violence at S.F. venues this year. The city has plenty of issues to deal with, but don't look for this one to go away any time soon — new regulations on promoters and club owners are in the works. I.S.P.

Jay-Z Beefs with MC Hammer
It was a good year for Jay-Z. It hasn't been such smooth yachting for Oakland O.G. MC Hammer, whose rap career has been on the wane since the early '90s, but that's apples and oranges, right? Well, not so much after Jay dropped a lightly scorching Hammer reference in his verse on Kanye West's "So Appalled": "Hammer went broke so you know I'm more focused/I lost 30 mil, so I spent another 30, 'cause unlike Hammer, 30 million can't hurt me." Hackles up, Hammer retaliated with a medium-scorching diss called "Better Run Run," in which he questions the spiritual legitimacy of Hova's fortune, doubts Beyoncé's fidelity, and supports the theory that rap has become one big Masonic conspiracy. In the video, a low-budget demon chases a stocky dude in a Yankees cap toward a lake, where said dude is finally forcibly baptized by Hammer himself (who is an ordained minister, as well as a reality TV star and a Cash4Gold spokesman). For his part, Hova stayed above the fray. "I didn't know that was on the table for discussion," he told a radio DJ the following week, sounding more amused than chastened. "It is what it is." D.L.B.

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