The deposed officials sued to halt the sale. State Supreme Court justicies recused themselves, stating they were conflicted because their own chambers were up for sale. On Dec. 28, however, a special group of temporary justices delayed the sale so the arguments could be heard.

As governor, Brown can abandon Schwarzenegger's campaign to defend the sale in court. And he can keep his stated promise to "examine" its fine print.

If it's legally feasible, California should back out.

"It's not an idea I would have chosen. I think selling off the assets for onetime sources of money is not prudent," Brown said during a post-election press briefing. "But of course they couldn't close the budget any other way. Not that I would like to sell buildings, but I'm not sure anything could be done about it."

There's no need for this sort of waffling. Taxing, budget cutting, and bond issuing are better ways to pay our bills than usurious and exotic debt deals.

Imagine a woman whose husband funds a fishing-gear habit by borrowing on their low-interest, home-equity line of credit. She tells him to stop, so behind her back he takes out a high-interest credit card. He might think he's being innovative. But during the fall campaign, and in public pronouncements since, Brown has said that it's time for California to end this kind of deceptive practice.

Our new old governor has an opportunity to start afresh.

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The total cost has not yet been counted. But that is expected to incur costs equivalent to state what it would cost to issue bonds for approximately $ 600 million

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