Germany? Really? Cool!

This one's blowing our minds like a plastic bag on a windy day: all over the place. “Our Soldiers' Stories: The Civil Rights Struggle, African-American GIs, and Germany” is a photo exhibition put together by Maria Höhn and Martin Klimke, showing the long and (we did not know) fruitful relationship implied in the title. From activists using anti-Nazi feelings here in the U.S., pre-war, to argue for equality here in the U.S., pre-war, to the lemme-at-'em fighters in WWII to German students all fired up about desegregation after the war, it's a visual delight and a stereotype-destroyer, culturally speaking. Angela Davis hugging pixie-haircutted fans, Martin Luther King Jr, speaking in a (gulp!) German stadium, and U.S. GIs with “Easter Eggs” for Hitler and the biggest smiles you ever did see are only a few of the images guaranteed to please and expand your brain.
Jan. 13-April 22, 2011

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