Pretty Gritty

The Sandwitches are an odd bird of a band. Leaders Grace Cooper and Heidi Alexander play guitar and sing high-register harmonies, but the sound isn't always, you know, “pretty.” They care more about doing their own thing, rocking, and indulging their shared love of creepiness than they do about being “pretty,” which is more than some listeners can process. Of a to-our-ears gorgeous rendition of “Baby Mine” from Dumbo, full of wavey reverb and minor-key warbling, one critic wrote, “Either the Sandwitches have some longstanding resentment against the lullabies they heard as little girls, or they just felt like taking something bright and putting a lampshade on it.” Luckily the band, which also includes drummer Roxy Brodeur, doesn't give a big poo what people say. One brag on its MySpace site is the fan assessment “If the Shaggs were hot.” This sounds like the worst thing in the world to say (the band is “pretty,” it's true), but the Sandwitches sound a lot more like if the Shaggs were great. This here is the last show of the Folk Yeah! Winter Residency.

The Art Museums, Soft Bombs, and Rachel Fannan open.
Tue., Jan. 25, 8 p.m., 2011

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