Twinkle Twinkle!

Many of us strive to be less judgmental; we see it as a way to be a better person. "Don't be so judgmental!" we admonish ourselves. Not LeMay. The local drag sex symbol is extremely judgmental, and we don't judge him for it. People who work on their look so hard that they pass for another gender (or another planet of origin, depending) need as much criticism as possible: It is the only way you get to be perfect, like LeMay. So thank God he's one of the judgmental judges at the 12th annual Trannyshack Star Search Competition. Many other mean, yet well-meaning, performers serve on the bench tonight, including Anna Conda, just back from the trenches of a political campaign, shiver; Pollo del Mar, whose Rose in The Golden Girls always slays; and Suppositori Spelling, who, well, isn't the warm fuzzy type. Ambrosia Salad, Miss Rahni, Elijah Minnelli, Deena Davenport, and Sally Ingus Wilder also judge, hard. So kudos to the contestants, because anyone who even thinks she can live through the maelstrom is obviously a tremendous entertainer. Also, we hear hosts Heklina and Peaches Christ are not, repeat not, planning to make out onstage.
Fri., Jan. 21, 11 p.m., 2011

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