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Good Samaritans or Car Thieves?
Those who are there to help don't flee when the police arrive: I'm fairly skeptical of the "Good Samaritan" who decided to move a car in front of a bar [on an episode of Bait Car], but then panicked and dumped it when he saw a cop car ["The Gotcha Channel," Lauren Smiley, Feature, 1/12]. Was he just going to sit there and wait for the women to return, hand them their keys, and explain where and why he parked their car? Anyone with common sense would call BS on this explanation.


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TruTV stinks, well, except for Jesse Ventura's show: Undercover cops feign an argument [during filming of Bait Car]. Isn't that all they are good at? Lying and faking things? Don't they have anything better to do? TruTV is a waste; the only good show it has had is Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory series, and it is scrubbing back episodes off DVRs because that show actually showed truth instead of phony set-ups.

"Mick Jagger"

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Majority Rules
Trying to please the greatest number of people: I believe in medical cannabis more than anyone ["Political Smokescreen," Chris Roberts, Sucka Free City, 1/12]. However, the Planning Commission did its job by listening to its neighbors around the suggested land use [in the Sunset]. If the majority of the neighborhood is opposed to the project, it's not good for the neighborhood, the medical cannabis movement, or the city of San Francisco. Don't fall to political pressure; it can hurt us all. Just follow the process that was set up for everyone.


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All Eyes on Ed Lee
Good start to the hypothesis of what Ed Lee can do as interim mayor, but it doesn't go far enough: This column is awfully short on specifics of what it is that can be done to undo some of the problematic areas of homeless services and housing. It reads like a campaign speech for the "political outsider" candidate ["Ed Lee Gone Wild," Matt Smith, Column, 1/12]. I like the way he [Smith] breaks down the moderate and progressive camps in terms of whose support they are able to rely on. The thing about this article is, however, that it attempts to look at the current political situation in S.F. from an outsider's perspective. In S.F., where everyone is a Democrat, an outsider gets tagged as a Republican. Republican is an unenviable label to carry here for an aspiring public servant.

Gopal Rao

San Francisco

New mayor does not mean new political landscape for San Francisco: Matt Smith appears to be consuming some potent hallucinogens, judging by his fantasy that Ed Lee, who has been coronated through the machinations of Rose Pak and Willie Brown, might ever be anything other than a puppet for downtown corporate business.

Nobody knows what Ed Lee stands for because he has never challenged the status quo and never will. It seems likely that his absence from the country was purposeful, and the fact that the law is being changed to allow him to have his job back at the end of his tenure is completely outrageous. Even more scandalous has been the eagerness on the part of our craven "progressive" supervisors to support this consummate insider.

While we have a change in name, we absolutely will not have any change in strategy or ethics. Corporate hegemony, corrupt practices, and the oppression of our poor and homeless will continue. Our Banana Republic by the Bay now truly has the best government money can buy!

Harry S. Pariser

San Francisco

Blog Comment of the Week
In response to a blog post about an SFPD sting on drivers who don't stop for pedestrians: I live nearby and support this pedestrian sting ["Police Bust Careless Drivers in Pedestrian Sting," Matt Smith, The Snitch, 1/12]. I've frequently tried to cross here with kids in tow and most drivers ignore the presence of pedestrians (even when we're on the island in the middle of the street). This is clearly unsafe for many reasons. On Sundays, the popular farmers' market generates a lot of foot traffic at this location. Grove Street has a bike lane, and if any intersection is in need of drivers being cautious and aware of crossing peds and bikes, it is this one. Very happy to see the SFPD being proactive (rather than waiting for an accident to happen before something is done)! Thank you to them.


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