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Popularity contest winner and Fresh & Onlys frontman Tim Cohen has a newish band celebrating a record release tonight. Magic Trick also includes the truly talented Noelle Cahill, on a number of instruments: sad banjo, angel vox, etc. The whole getup reminds us of something Nick Cave said to our own Ian S. Port a while back, about Bill Fay: “He's got this wonderful record that's called Time of the Last Persecution, and it's a very dark, strange singer-songwriter kind of record with a sort of '70s vibe to it. And it's very beautiful — back when people could make records like that and people would listen to them.” Tim Cohen is not comparable geniuswise to Bill Fay, sorry. Maybe just not yet? But in the world of “genuine unflinching soul-baring,” as Cave described the work of Leonard Cohen in that same era, Magic Trick's songs “Let's Black Out,” “I've Seen A Lot of Things,” and “Burden of Being” are in the same vein, thematically, sonically, and tripped-out-wise.

Magic Trick shares the bill with the Exrays, Fiveng, and DJ Cyclyst.
Fri., Feb. 4, 9 p.m., 2011

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