Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and lows from the last week in S.F. music


Blake Schwarzenbach's new band, Forgetters, played Bottom of the Hill on Thursday, reminding us of the glorious days of his band Jawbreaker, a bright, short-lived light on the '90s S.F. punk scene.

• Coachella sold out, meaning you have money to see many of its best bands when they inevitably come to they Bay Area before or after the festival. But give up on Animal Collective, whose April S.F. show sold out in eight minutes on Friday.

• S.F. video crew Yours Truly launched a label called Love Letters Ink. If its video site is any indication, expect diverse, tastemaking releases and super-slick artwork.

• Icee Hot brought Brit DJ Kode9, Lazer Sword's Low Limit, and others to SOM Bar for its first anniversary party — an orgy of bass warfare in what quickly became a sauna. But at least the bathrooms were nice.


• Finally, Metallica announced plans to play with Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth on U.S. soil. But after seven shows in Europe, the four bands are holding only one in the U.S. — not a mini-tour that would reach the Bay Area.

• After having its FM broadcast license sold, KUSF reappeared online — but with only 15 listeners. That's below the 20,000-50,000 it had every week on the airwaves.

Hunx and His Punx dropped "Lovers Lane," the first single from upcoming studio debut Too Young to Love. Unfortunately, the song is basically gritty girl-group pop updated with gay lyrics – slightly novel, but not all that compelling.

Ween is loud enough on its own, but on Friday, we couldn't escape this quirky stalwart's crazy-high fans yelling in our ears at the band's Fox Theater show. We dug the sea shanties and punk explosions, but had to give up during the 20-minute drum solo.

For full versions of the above stories and much more about S.F. music, check out All Shook Down, our music blog.

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