That last meal: Phenomenal. For one, Hickox's new desserts were spectacles in themselves. Her cheesecake in a jar, topped with successive layers of poached quince and toasted-tea crumble ($9), was twice as enjoyable as her predecessor's goat-cheese cheesecake, which I'd tried before. Even more exquisite were cubes of dark-chocolate crunch ($9), salt flickering amid the sweet, with translucent chocolate tuilles rising out of the dense cake and a rosemary-caramel ice cream melting next to it.

A slow-cooked egg melts into the farro and root vegetables.
Lara Hata
A slow-cooked egg melts into the farro and root vegetables.

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2214 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Downtown Oakland


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2214 Broadway (at 22nd St.), Oakland, 510-444-7586, Lunch 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Mon.-Fri., dinner 5 p.m.-1 a.m. daily. Reservations: recommended. Noise level: moderate. Wheelchair accessible.

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But the vegetables made the meal. Satiny baby leeks ($10) were laddered across lines of goat-cheese mousse; the sharp green bite of the leeks was braised away, but the chefs had replaced it with peppery coins of radishes, cress leaves, and elusive, dark-toned flecks of ash. Florets of twisty-topped romesco and puffy cauliflower ($12), braised in olive oil until they softened, were dotted with a bitter-bright dandelion pesto and laid on a bed of bulgur. And a pile of demurely sweet, roasted carrots ($12), pickled garlic and wood sorrel sprouting out between the cracks, was heaped on a brown-butter emulsion so opulent I couldn't help rubbing the plate clean with a finger. Proof, indeed, that the ends justify the means.

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I was lucky to get back to Plum this past weekend and shared many of your sentiments. I couldn't help staring wide-eyed at the beautiful presentation of each dish, and all the flavors matched the showmanship. Balanced, veggie forward, unique, so good! 3 people came by to clear my plates but I wouldn't let them...I had a morsel of bread left and there was no way I wasn't going to soak up every last drop of sauce off of those plates. =) Can't wait to go back.


I love Plum, but wouldn't think of sitting anywhere but at the bar!. Affordable? Hmmm...


Une drole de mode alors que les gens meurent de faim


A pacojet doesn't make foam, it makes ices and ice creams. That thing that looks like a whipped cream canister is in fact a whipped cream canister

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