Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


• As if the first Low End Theory SF party wasn't crowded enough, organizers announced that Flying Lotus will perform at the next edition on March 4. You might want to start lining up at 103 Harriet now.

DJ Kool Herc, the godfather of hip-hop, needs help with medical bills. Props to S.F.'s Papalote Mexican Grill, which donated 10 percent of its income last Thursday to the living legend.

Flying Lotus swoops in to Low End Theory SF on March 4.
Flying Lotus swoops in to Low End Theory SF on March 4.
Interpol at the Warfield.
Interpol at the Warfield.

• SF Winter Music Fest kicked off last Thursday and runs through Feb. 17. No other local festival would put a hardcore band called Nihilistic Cunt on the same bill as Dixieland jazz – but that's just the kind of free-thinking move we can get behind.

• We thew a party last Friday with Richie Cunning, Blackbird Blackbird, free beer, and a bunch of you readers. Thanks to those who came — it won't be the last time you run into us out in the wild.


• Sadly, Exray's Jon Bernson spoke the truth when he told us last week that any musician who can survive and thrive in ultrapricey S.F. is "a magician."

Interpol came to town, but the band's show felt like a mass celebration of ennui, rather than a cathartic, angsty post-punk jab. Did anyone inform the guys they're allowed to move around onstage?

Motörhead proved better in theory than live at the Warfield last week, where Lemmy and Co. played what sounded like one very loud, badass note — but still just one note — for an hour.

• Farewell, White Stripes. We will be forever thankful for your color-coordinated outfits and quirky songwriting, and for rescuing mainstream rock from the bleak hegemony of nü metal.

For full versions of the above stories and much more about S.F. music, check out All Shook Down, our music blog.

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