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When hip-hop artist/author Toni Hickman suffered her second brain aneurysm in 2007, those close to her suggested it was time to put her art on hold. The first one had been a serious scare, but not enough to deter her from pursuing her chosen craft and catching the attention of various national hip-hop magazines. A rep had been built. But the second aneurysm temporarily paralyzed her and stripped away her voice … for a while. Hickman’s mobility and voice eventually returned, and her resolve grew stronger. She gained something in the process — an inspiring “soldier-on” message to impart to others in seemingly hopeless situations. Thanks in part to Leroy Moore’s Krip-Hop Nation palladium — which gives voice to disabled artists in the hip-hop community — Hickman has been able to travel the world as an advocate for other disabled artists. Black Disabled Artists, Authors, Activists & Friends provides a platform for readings, music, discussions, and panels from local and national artists with disabilities. Hickman hails from Houston; she joins L.A.’s DC Curtis and Bones Kendall as well as San Francisco’s Allen Jones on the author panel. Lee Williams and Avotcja take the mic for poetry and song sessions that reflect the Krip-Hop ethos of advocacy for disabled hip-hop artists.
Sat., Feb. 19, 1 p.m., 2011

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