Self-Proclaimed Genius Outsmarts Hollywood

In The Woman Chaser, bored, nihilistic used-car salesman (Patrick Warburton) decides to become a movie director in Eisenhower-era Los Angeles in this 1999 adaptation of Charles Willeford's novel. The blockheaded and gravelly voiced Warburton is best known for his hilarious cartoon vocals on programs such as The Venture Brothers, but he’s unleashed here as a self-proclaimed genius who has talent. His crazed determination to be an artist makes for a truly off-beat Hollywood satire, Warburton fighting off all demands to render his 63-minute masterpiece either longer (the 90 minutes that supposedly comprise a movie) or shorter. Robinson Devor's 90-minute film could use a trim to its 63 minutes of black-and-white neo-noir satiric genius, losing its approximately 27 minutes' worth of oddball misogyny. Purists will be pleased and others are warned that, as it happens, the print being shown contains a previously shorn sucker punch guaranteed to outrage the squares.
Feb. 25-March 3; March 5-6, 2011

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