What Did She Just Say?

The Cat's Pajamas has been a variety show curated and emceed by a hurricane named Ginger Murray. This editor of Whore! magazine, classic hot bartender, and homegrown intellectual is, frankly, a danger to sloppy thinking even as her skirts are distractingly tight. Her ideas about what to put on a stage for fun are unexpected too. The Cat's Pajamas always has a theme, and every band, stripper, comedian, poet, and exhibitionist freak act fits into the theme: Clash of the Titans, Harlem Hip-Hop, Conspiracy of Venuses, Bali or Bust, and American Pop Parable have been past Pajamas, every one packed with loud twentysomethings and peppered with Murray's signature history lessons. This month, the second anniversary and last episode for many months (maybe ever, we hear) is named Stone Fox & Bangs. It features two bands, plus Jennifer Barone the poet, go-go girls, and pretty pretty soul singer Amber Gougis from Quinn DeVeaux's band. And, of course, Ginger Murray.
Mon., Feb. 28, 8 p.m., 2011

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