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Creating a New Paths
Don't forget the artists' solo projects: Really nice overview of their [Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn] career progress as Pomplamoose, but it would be good to point people to their alter egos in their far edgier solo works ["The Pomplamoose Revolution," Ian Port, Feature, 2/23]. Their originals are much more substantial than what is hinted at here.


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Stepping away from mainstream music allows for a different sound: Jack and Nataly are a refreshing change from the steady diet of manufactured music by major labels that all sounds the same. That's why I listen to them. And they are who they are; the other big reason I like them.

Helen Hill

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The Hot Seat
Something doesn't add up: Let me get this straight: By Battalion Chief Kevin Taylor's "reckoning," Assistant Fire Chief Art Kenney was asking Deputy Chief Patrick Gardener "for information to unfairly pass along to lower-ranking white officers" and only to white officers, according to race-card-player Kevin Taylor ["Black Firefighters Make Explosive Charges," Matt Smith, Column, 2/16]. How Taylor can assume this, only he knows. So far, so good. But here's the rub.

Patrick Gardener is already chief of department 2, and as the deputy chief of operations, he is already higher ranked than an assistant chief, and therefore ineligible to take the test. As the only sitting civil service assistant chief, Art Kenney is required to advise both the administration and test developers on the test, and is also ineligible to take the test since he already holds the rank.

Gardener and Kenney discussed the test because it was their job. They are required to do so. Neither of them could profit from "cheating," because both were at that rank or higher already.

On some level Taylor knows this, but that doesn't stop him from playing the race card once again to paint successful whites as racists, even though every firefighter and fire department officer has equal access to all study material. Whose fault is it, then, when black test-takers cannot pass fire department promotional exams in the same percentages as Asian, Hispanic, and white candidates do?

Robert Charles

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Blog Comment of the Week
In response to a blog post about a new pastry chef upgrading La Victoria's Pan Dulce: I hear old time Missionistas cuss and fuss all the time about the changes, but the fact is many of them no longer live or shop here ["Pastry Chef Luis Villavelazquez Joins La Victoria for Pan Dulce Upgrade," John Birdsall, SFoodie, 2/22]. I was born and raised in the Mission, but I realize the neighborhood is not a living museum here to satisfy the nostalgia of people who now reside in the East Bay or Sacramento.

I'm not a huge fan of gentrification, but it's a fact of life that cities all across America are coping with it. Yes, they are experimenting with new techniques, but Jaime Maldonado is clear about sticking with the core Latin flavor. If someone wants to criticize, at least try the new pan dulce product first, rather than arguing about the notions of what is "authentic." The man is running a business that's been around 60 years, and who can criticize him for trying to stick around for another 60 more?

John Nuno

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AlmaJean Caldwell
AlmaJean Caldwell

I am being attacked via email by the woman, Joani, who is the moderator and apparently runs the PAS Site - all because I emailed her on Wed., the article "BROKEN FAMILY COURTS" by Peter Jamison and I thought she would be grateful that someone had found the article and told her about it...

She is and has been since receiving my email about the article ATTACKING ME, as in KILL THE MESSENGER...When I opened my emails today, I saw one from Joani that had part of the word WA.. in the subject line, so I opened it to see what else was there... Joani has put it out to the whole PAS Group that I am a WACK JOB and I am sitting here shaking inside, near tears, I know that all of you know that there has been a lot of publicity about people taking their lives over abusive emails, well, I won't be doing that but I will be turning her into all the proper email overseerers I can find - if you know of any - other than Yahoo, please advise...

She is focusing on me instead of the writer, the article or ??? Why - doesn't make sense...

Edit Draft Re: I just read that I am now a "WACK JOB"From: alma jean caldwell <ajctoday@yahoo.com> Add to Contacts To: PAS-GuardianAngels@yahoogroups.com


This message is to the group unless it is intercepted before it gets to all of you...(by AlmaJean)

All I did was rush to get the article to Joani that I found in the just out "SF WEEKLY" and did not expect to receive the email from Joani that I did which I felt was one of anger, rage... These are my feelings and my email and never in a million years did I expect to become the subject of a PAS discussion on me being MENTALLY ILL OR SUFFERING FROM SOME MENTAL DISORDER...

The donkey/shoveling shit stuff was just a sideline that I never even got into, I just thought that Joani would be glad to know that somewhere out here that there is someone (the SF Weekly) writing about PAS and I believe that anyone in their right mind would realize that somekind of publicity is better than none... I did not know the Dr. mentioned in the article but he seems to have been a kind of "MENTOR" to Joani but still, that does not account for her reaction to me -

I don't know if any of you read anything else but PAS postings but people are committing suicide over receiving abusive emails and this HURT TO READ THAT I AM A WACK JOB put out to the whole group...

And - I don't know about anyone else's thoughts on this, but I cannot run fast enough the other way when the word "PEDOPHILE" comes up, as I have seen the hurt, the damage that can happen - whether or not the context in which PEDOPHILE is used... I am looking at the facts here, that Joani is focusing on me, me being a wack job, etc., instead of attempting to diffuse the PEDOPHILE part of Peter Jamison's article... Wonder why this is???

I am reporting this - these emails as abuse to the proper authorities because that is what it is I am feeling and what these emails are... To slam me all over the PAS Group - which Joani has done - has totally removed any shred of respect I ever had for her and the credibility of PAS is certainly in question for me...

I believe that these emails - especially the ones from Joani to me and then, unbelievably to the GROUP - speak for themselves... Joani has "ATTACKED ME VIA EMAIL AND SPEWED HER VENOM INTO THE GROUP AND I WILL STAND UP FOR MYSELF"</ajctoday@yahoo.com>


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