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Out of Sight, Sara Felder's new one-woman show, is figuratively and literally a juggling act. The play revolves around Felder's relationship with her mother, who clings fervently to Zionism as Felder herself begins developing more sympathy for Palestine. That may not sound like a laugh riot, but Felder manages to keep the show from wallowing in self-seriousness -- and anytime it starts getting a little too heavy, she picks up a couple of lemons (or scarves, or knives) and begins to juggle. With a show this personal and potentially controversial, it's no surprise that we occasionally end up in schmaltzy or even preachy territory. Felder's timing isn't always as crisp as it should be. And every once in awhile, the juggling metaphors seem a little labored. But the actress becomes more and more endearing as the show progresses, and the sharpness of her best observations helps minimize the play's rough spots. The result may not be (forgive me!) out of sight, but at least it's rich, satisfying, and charmingly off-kilter.
Saturdays, Sundays. Starts: March 19. Continues through March 27, 2011

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