List: Why S.F. School Board Members Deserve Raises

As the school district braces for massive budget cuts and teacher layoffs, voters are being asked to raise school board members' salaries from $6,000 to $25,000 annually. Why do they deserve so much more money in a time of crisis?

• Not solving problems is a lot harder than it looks

• After all, they're really preparing for higher office rather than helping with education

• Seniors with part-time jobs were picking on them

• They need to lead by example and teach kids the crucial lesson of never, ever volunteering for your community

• They have to sit through all these boring meetings

• This is the only way to show the city's library board who's boss

• Federal guidelines require school board members to have at least two hot meals per day from Michelin-starred restaurants

• They'll spend the money way more responsibly than the school district would

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