Listen Up

When you look at a copy of the National Geographic and all of a sudden you boggle, and say "OMG, honey, look at this!" and your honey looks at it and says "Holy shit!" you should thank Chris Rainier. Awards and awards and awards have been showered on him, and now you can hear directly from him what he wants. In this City Arts & Lectures onstage interview by Mary Ellen Hannibal, Rainier discusses the Enduring Voices project, which focuses on endangered languages. In his travels, the photographer and researcher has realized that as difficult as it may be for us writer-readers to absorb, lots of people don't have written language, and haven't had any for longer than this society has been around. And they, uh, know stuff we don't know. Thank you Chris Rainier!
Wed., April 6, 8 p.m., 2011

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