Or Be Square

Last time we went to Tingel Tangel, someone famous flirted with us. JD Samson was there -- in the audience. It felt more like being in New York City than San Francisco, and the feeling was due to the fact that everyone there was serious about their art, but totally unwilling to compromise on it. Nothing watered down, nothing safe, just intense, high-quality queer and queer-friendly performers. This, the third anniversary of the top-shelf variety show, features Ann Magnuson, Tijuana indie pop sensation/Pedro Almodovar vedette come to life Orlando Infinito, and playwright Taylor Mac, as well as local sweets Uni the ukulele fairy, burlesquer Scotty the Blue Bunny, and Ambrosia Salad of the House of Salad. Dress good, rise to the occasion, and be sugar to everyone because you never know who they might be.
Thu., March 31, 9 p.m., 2011

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