Anarchy in the U.S.

At a recent presentation by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, one of the audience members got all huffy. The injustices described by the presenters — the surprise backstroke the Obama administration is doing about re-upping the USA PATRIOT Act, for instance — “would have had people out in the street back in the ’60s,” according to the gray-headed huffer. Boy, did we roll our eyes at him! We’d like to see that guy say the same thing at the Anarchist Book Fair, in front of all those left-wing activists, scholars, historians, poets, authors, and raging granny types. Our guess is that his nice sweater would be in a bunch after he was schooled hard by people who either have or haven’t been out in the street about the PATRIOT Act and who may have actually thought about strategy since the 1960s; notably whether “getting out in the street” has much of an effect on political realities. Because what about eye-rolling? How effective is that? The people are down with eye-rolling right now, it’s like a national movement, it only needs a leader and ... wait, anarchists don’t have leaders. They do have speakers, though, and panel discussions, parties, art shows, food, concerts, and lots and lots of books.
April 9-10, 2011

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