Polanski, Beethoven, and Dingos on Trial

We’ve told you before what a supreme weirdo Will Franken is. Take the whole cast of Monty Python, add the Firesign Theatre, mix in one of those amateur improv shows that defies expectations, and, well, you’d be close to what this man holds inside one wonderfully warped and multidimensional brain. The title of his latest performance, Part Two of the Fourth Dimension Trilogy, suggests that he hasbeen through multiple dimensions. Maybe that explains it. In the first part, he played a closeted gay man from another galaxy who's getting a surprise visit from his parents who (wouldn't you know it) have no idea he's gay. Part two is a mix of items from the Frankenverse: There's an act called "Roman Polanski Goes Door to Door to Introduce Himself as a Registered Sex Offender to His Neighbors." A dog called Ringo the Dingo defends himself in a baby-eating trial in Australia. ("Mr. Dingo, have you ever seen this baby before?" "Not all put together in one piece like it is there in the photo, mate.") Michelle Pfeiffer plays Ludwig Van Beethoven in a satire of Dangerous Minds. ("Mr. Beethoven, instruments is whack!") Oh my. There's one more part of the trilogy yet to come. We know Franken is up to completing the trilogy, but we might have to attend in shifts.
Sat., April 16, 8 p.m., 2011

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