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Everyone has a weakness; ours is dance class. We love our dance class soooo much. If you try to get in the way of us going to dance class, you can expect only one response: “You should come with me.” Ohhhhh! And you’re screwed. Nothing gets in the way of dance class, man. But you really should come: It’s fun, you won’t look stupid, people totally dance wearing jeans all the time. (These things are actually true except for the stupid part.) And during Bay Area National Dance Week, lots and lots of classes are free, to boot. Your excuses are destroyed! At the ODC School alone, we could challenge you to Brazilian Modern, Flamenco, or the delightfully brutal Rhythm & Motion Dance Workout, which exists only to kick your ass and make you giggle. You should never, never have tried to hang out with us on Wednesday night during Jill Parker’s Tribal Belly Dance class that one time. Her classes are not free this week — oh, except for the first one, ha ha ha! First one is free! Soon you will be just like we are. Tons of other dance classes and performances and other jazz is on tap this week, at ODC and elsewhere.
April 22-May 2, 2011

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