Sizzle & Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


Duran Duran caused an epic line at the Fillmore for its pre-Coachella show Saturday night. Inside the estrogen bath, amid howling fans, we remembered how amazing the band's Thatcher-era pop is.

Reasons we're glad we missed Coachella: Pretentiousness, snotty nonhippie girls dressed like hippies in next to nothing, Kings of Leon, drunk d-bag dudes clamoring to get to the front when there's no more room, overexposure to sunlight, artists like Cee-Lo and Erykah Badu arriving late for their sets, and the fact that there were many great shows in the Bay Area last weekend.

Lauryn Hill and Dave Chappelle put on a surprise late-night show at Oakland's New Parish last week. Between Chappelle's hilarious musings and Hill's fiery 2:30 a.m. set, it was more than worth staying up all night. Even if we're still yawning.


It's now unclear whether the Eagle Tavern, a favorite gay bar in S.F. and home to great local rock shows, will survive the spring. Bar employees say the landlord wants it to close after May, but they're hoping to keep it open through the summer.

After supremely failing to wow us at SXSW, Cults came to the Independent and played a six-song headlining set. They were decent songs, but the show hardly justified the buzz swirling around this Brooklyn band.

Reasons we're not glad we missed Coachella: Kanye West, Odd Future, snotty nonhippie girls dressed like hippies in next to nothing, Sleigh Bells, Danny De Vito going onstage with the Aquabats, and our Coachella-news-filled Twitter feed. Maybe next year, sigh.

For more on S.F. and Bay Area music, check out All Shook Down, our music blog.

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