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Isadora Duncan is San Francisco’s (and up there with the world’s) most famous dancer. She invented her own kind of dance, inspired by the poses found on ancient Greek urns, and she worshipped health and nature. Duncan dance doesn’t strain or injure the body, is inexpensive — no shoes, for example — and is best-known for encouraging dancers to actually enjoy themselves while performing it, often outdoors in some pleasant place. Yet oddly enough, it’s very rare to find a place to take lessons in this style. We know of only one such studio in San Francisco. At its National Dance Week 2011 Open Studio, curious students can take a miniclass with Duncan expert Mary Sano, who doesn’t usually offer freebies. Afterward, watch a short performance by Sano and Her Duncan Dancers, who — warning — will make you want to take more classes, with their calm joyful grace inspired by the poses found on ancient Greek urns.
Fri., April 29, 6 p.m., 2011

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