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652 Polk (at Eddy), 345-8100, www.frenchsoulfood.com. Dinner 5-10 p.m. Wed.-Sat. Muni: 19, 31, 47, 49.

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If there's one constant in the evolution of Brenda's, it's the biscuits, which are so light they appear to have been leavened with a bicycle pump instead of baking powder. On the opposite end of the spectrum: the chocolate chip banana bread pudding, rising out of a pool of caramel ooze, which counts among the richest versions I've ever tasted. Every bite ended with a declaration that it would be the last, yet four eaters with the best intentions whittled a Rubik's cube–sized block down to one that could fit in the bed of a Hot Wheels pickup. Walking out of dinner at Brenda's proved harder than walking in.

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Chef Emanuel Washington
Chef Emanuel Washington

I'm sorry, I don't get the joke. Surely there must be a punchline. What is French Soul Food? Everyone in the World knows what Soul Food is and this ain't it. Broiled oysters, tchoupitoulas, muffaletta, shrimp gratin W/pesto, pork rillettes and panna cotta are not Soul Food. They're not even close. This is yet another simulated concept which stretches the boundaries of History, culture and common sense to the moon. Stop confusing people. Watsthemattawithyou?NOTE: Less Soul = NO Soul and less wait is an insult! "Soul Food is an American institution". "It's vital that we uphold our traditions and that, we preserve and protect American History"Chef Emanuel Washingtonhttp://chefemanuel.com, http://chefemanuel.com/blog/


Jonathan, Thanks so much for the feedback about our restaurant in progress. While I am thrilled to know that you enjoyed most of our new dinner menu items, it's also useful to hear that we shouldn't lose focus on the old standards. Hopefully your review will help us to be the best that we can be.

Chef Brenda

Chef Emanuel Washington
Chef Emanuel Washington

Not everyone understands Soul Food and the significance of History and Culture. I do not hold the innocent accountable. Surely as a chef you are acutely aware of what you are doing. You are purposely and willfully misappropriating the term in an attempt to capitalize on it's creative brilliance and reap financial reward. You are toying with a very sensitive issue and rolling the dice with History. Your tagline shows blatant disrespect to an entire culture. There are 35 million Real Americans that don't think it's funny. My mission is to preserve, protect and educate the World about one of America's most valuable assets (Soul Food). "History will always prevail". I will visit your restaurant soon! Welcome to my domain.

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